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Huvr is for Creators

Huvr is an exciting new platform that allows creators to do what they do best... create real-time and live experiences anywhere around the world

Creators get paid more on Huvr

Virtual Experiences

Huvr Creators

host Travelers by showing them around tourist attractions, festivals or other amazing events in your area!
Show Huvr Travelers live music at free events or highlight your talent as a musician or song writer!
Real Estate
Give live tours of commercial properties or host open houses for up to 15,000 participants at a time.
Youth Sports
Show youth sports events to friends and family who live out of state or out of country, live and in real-time.
Brewery Tours
Host Huvr Travelers who are interested in independent breweries and vineyards all from your mobile device.
Post Event Parties
For people who can’t attend events, let them experience the after parties live to enhance their experience.

Huvr for the Gig Economy

Make Money Walking


Register As A Walker

Become a Walker, take Virtual Huvr Travelers to their requested destinations in your area*.

Share Experiences in Your City

Start streaming live and take Travelers on a journey to destinations & hotspots they seek.

Get Paid

Once the journey is complete you get paid. It is that simple.

Who we are looking for...

  • You love to get outside, are active, and like to explore.
  • You love your city and would love to share its culture, beauty, history, fun, and inspiring places while getting paid.
  • You are confident engaging with people, hosting experiences, and being responsibly social.
  • You know how to use your smartphone camera, to capture live footage and take direction easily.
  • You want the flexibility to work for yourself, your own hours with a fun and exciting brand to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply to work with Huvr?

We are seeking independent contractors who have the flexibility to work in their local city – where there are events, landmarks and experiences the world wants to experience.

Must be fit to walk, enjoy connecting with people and like the outdoors.

What are the requirements that need to be met for a gig opportunity?

You must be 18 years or older.
Fit and a right to work, such as a citizen or visa permit.
Background check.
Just BYO mobile device and have 4G access at a minimum.
Registration Fee (currently free).
Training and on boarding completed.

All workers for this opportunity are independent contractors.

How much can I earn?

Expected earnings for part-time hours based on 15 hours per week – up to $1600 per month
Expected earnings for full-time based on 40 hours per week – up to $3640

This is based on being booked for half the hours you are online and available. The more hours you work and the more time you are booked, the monthly amount can increase.

Are there set hours I need to work?

You can work the hours that suit you. This is a flexible arrangement, however there is supply and demand. So this may also impact your earnings subject to the times or hours of the day you work.

Travelers also choose you, so the more high ratings you have the more work you are likely to get.

Is this available worldwide?

Huvr will roll out specific cities globally and continue to expand for gig workers. By expressing interest we can tell you when your city goes live so you can secure your place.

In terms for those using the app, it will be made available on IOS & Android and subject to each country and their release regulations.

More on Huvr?

Huvr Inc is a corporation with headquarters in Colorado. It has been developed by seasoned entrepreneurs who are public figures, veterans along with partnered private investors.

If you wish to contact our team email:


What our users have to say!

Thank you Huvr!
When choosing a college I want to see the campus and what the city is like. A Huvr Walker can easily help to narrow my choice down without wasting unnecessary money & making sure I feel safe in the process.

Tina. G

It was so cool being in Porto and seeing all of the wineries along the river! I can’t wait to visit and bring home some new bottles for my collection.

Huvr User

I couldn’t believe how immersed I became in my trip to Italy to see the Vatican. It was amazing seeing all of the history and my guide knew so many cool things about the local area.

Huvr User

I would’ve never believed how beautiful Malta was had I not seen it on my most recent trip. Beautiful architecture and beaches. Definitely on my list of places to visit soon!

Huvr User

Loved connecting with our walkers in Paris through the Huvr app! They brilliantly brought forth and delivered an incredible experience and the essence of France in real time. . . taking us to the Eiffel Tower, Luxembourg Gardens, the Louvre and other historic and fantastic French sites!!! ????????

Huvr User

Is Huvr available in your Country

Huvr has made it easy for gig economy workers to earn an income in many countries around the world.

Get started in your local city!

Download the App and Register.
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