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Huvr for the Music Industry

Huvr connects Song writers and musicians to Virtual Travelers who want to connect to music live and in real-time.

Huvr is for Music

Virtual Experiences


Host live sessions from paying music fans all over the world.



Escape the streaming nightmare and get paid from music lovers.



Stop sharing ad revenue and get paid directly from global music lovers.


Huvr for the Music Industry

Make Money Performing


Register As A Huvr Musician

Become a Huvr Musician, engage with Virtual Huvr Travelers as they want to pay to hear your music.

Share Your Music

Start streaming live and take Travelers on a journey to the new music they seek.

Get Paid

Once the live experience is complete you get paid. It is that simple.


What our users have to say!

Thank you Huvr!
When choosing a college I want to see the campus and what the city is like. A Huvr Walker can easily help to narrow my choice down without wasting unnecessary money & making sure I feel safe in the process.

Tina. G

It was so cool being in Porto and seeing all of the wineries along the river! I can’t wait to visit and bring home some new bottles for my collection.

Huvr User

I couldn’t believe how immersed I became in my trip to Italy to see the Vatican. It was amazing seeing all of the history and my guide knew so many cool things about the local area.

Huvr User

I would’ve never believed how beautiful Malta was had I not seen it on my most recent trip. Beautiful architecture and beaches. Definitely on my list of places to visit soon!

Huvr User

Loved connecting with our walkers in Paris through the Huvr app! They brilliantly brought forth and delivered an incredible experience and the essence of France in real time. . . taking us to the Eiffel Tower, Luxembourg Gardens, the Louvre and other historic and fantastic French sites!!! ????????

Huvr User

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Huvr has made it easy for gig economy workers to earn an income in many countries around the world.

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