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Huvr World

Real Time Tours of The World

We provide live real-time events highlighting the culture, tourism, business, education, and sports programs of many areas around the World.

Enhanced World Cultural Integration App

The App that let's you Explore the World

Global Destinations

Sponsors of the Program

Sponsors of the Huvr World Program will be blazing a trail with this new technology platform by eliminating platform fees for Universities, Students, and for the destinations around the World who participate. Sponsors will get to work directly with Huvr to create some pretty amazing activations in the mobile apps, on the Huvr website and on the social media of Huvr and our users. These activations include Augmented Reality, product delivery, discount code and coupon delivery, and expanded reach from the ability to re-watch experiences over and over.

Sponsorship Inquires

If you'd like to know more about the exciting sponsorship opportunities available for the Huvr World program - please complete the form below.
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