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Huvr North America

Real Time Tours of North America's Countries

We provide live real-time events highlighting the culture, tourism, business, education, and sports programs of many countries in North America.

Huvr North America

Bet you didn’t know that North America is made up of 23 countries and 25 dependent territories and is the largest producer of corn in the world. North America is the only continent in the world to have all climatic types – from tropical rainforest to desert as well as permanent ice cap.

So if you want to see the largest city (Mexico City) or the smallest volcano (43 feet tall), Huvr can get you there!

Classroom Integration

This program will use the Huvr Pro Real-Time Virtual Platform to allow students, starting at US-based Colleges and Universities the ability to experience live virtual events throughout North America and store those experiences in their cloud account. We believe this experience will provide unparalleled access to countries throughout North America and when worked into the classroom curriculum will be a groundbreaking program.

Students in this program that we will target include North American Studies, International Business, Cultural Anthropology, International Tourism, Education, Business, Sports and much more.

Destinations In North America

The plan is to start by partnering with three countries and eventually grow that to all of North America over five years. Partners that participate in the Huvr North America Program will be providing live virtual access to strategic locations in their country via trained ambassadors to millions of college and University students in the US. This will provide an exciting new opportunity to share North America with young adults.

Our initial partner countries will be focusing on events that surround the culture, tourism, business and education aspects of their specific region.

This will provide an amazing opportunity for US students to take a virtual pilgrimage across North America.

Sponsors of the Program

Sponsors of the Huvr North America Program will be blazing a trail with this new technology platform by eliminating platform fees for Universities, Students, and for the destinations in North America that participate.

Sponsors will get to work directly with Huvr to create some amazing activations in the mobile apps, on the Huvr website and on the social media of Huvr and our users.

Sponsor Exposure

The Huvr North America Program is designed to roll out over a three-year period. This strategy is to provide the schools with the time needed to integrate the virtual program into their curriculum as well as into the direct student body. This also gives Huvr the time it needs to respond to the needs of the schools each year.

Huvr North America will begin in US-based Colleges and Universities with programs relevant to the study of and travel to North America. From there it will expand globally to create opportunities for students from a broad range of fields of study to learn and experience what North America has to offer from language studies to finance.

Providing Access

Huvr North America will provide unprecedented real-time access to the countries of North America. This access will educate students and virtual travelers about the history, culture and opportunities in North America.

Sponsorship Inquires

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