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Perimeter Detection

Huvr's portable Fiberoptic Ring Interferometer (FoRi) System can protect assets up to a 20 mile radius.

Huvr FoRi

Fiberoptic Ring Interferometer

Applications Include

Occurrence of an event

Acoustic “image ” recording

Determination of proximity or direction of the event

Recognition of the observed event.

Classification easily integrated through 3rd party software

Simple to deploy yet difficult to detect


OpticSense to the desired location.


the fiberoptic detection system around the perimeter of the facility.


intrusions and disturbances in real-time on the live map.


Connect your own data to determine real-time discovery of events.

Compact Design


Waveforms on an Oscilloscope

Huvr FoRi (Fiber-Optic Ring Interferometer) system

Secure Data

End to End Encryption

From event creation to communication & data storage.

Total Control

You have total control of your events and your data.

Data Acquisition

Non-user based data acquisition for intelligence gathering.
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