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Engage your future recruits with live virtual events and real-time videos of the career fields you are trying to fill - complete with live chat.

Better Recruiting

Starts with Better Engagement

Modern Recruits Need

Modern Virtual Experiences

Concept of Operation


Recruiting Center

Huvr will setup a central Admin Panel where the recruiting center will have instant access to data from all recruiting offices running Huvr. They can suggest virtual tours and events that coincide with hot career fields that need to be filled and coordinate with recruiting offices to setup and train the Ambassadors who will be hosting the live video feeds. They can add this list with dates and times to and notify recruiting offices of the target’s efforts.

The Recruiter

The Office Level Tool

Recruiting Offices can send out invitations to local sources such as colleges and guidance counselors, making them aware of the new real-time virtual program. Recruiting offices will get real-time data of: invitations sent, recruits who accept the invitations, and data on who is attending and what questions each recruit asked. This data can be instantly downloaded and incorporated into the existing CRM to assist in increasing recruit acquisition numbers.

The Recruit

Mobile Based Virtual Experiences

Recruits can receive email invitations from the recruitment center or register for virtual events they are interested in attending. Registered recruits can use their mobile device to attend virtual micro events for live presentations of the career fields they are most interested in. Recruits can use the chat feature to ask questions during the presentation, rewatch events on their phone, and show to their parents and friends at a later time.

Recruit Engagement

Rewatch Recordings of Events


The Key to Increased Numbers

Valuable Data Points

Gained by Recruiting Offices

End to End Encryption

Security from event creation to communication & data storage.

Total Control

You have total control of your events and your data.

Data Acquisition

Non-user based data acquisition for intelligence gathering.
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