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Commercial Sponsorship and Advertising

Benefits of Commercial Sponsorship and Advertising

  • Unique and modern sponsorship activations inside the Huvr App
  • Event notifications sent to all users
  • Generate good will by helping us create global cultural awareness
  • Current program includes 20M students in over 4000 colleges and universities in the US
  • Drive business with unique electronic activations

How Can We Help?

Augmented Reality

As students explore Africa through the Huvr App in real-time, we can place your logo in strategic locations in the live video using augment reality (AR)

In-App Forced Video Clips

All real-time tours taken by college and University students are saved inside their cloud account to rewatch and to show their friends and family. As we allow users to rewatch their trips, we attach a short clip of your brand that must be watched prior to viewing the trip.

Huvr Social Media Ecosystem

In addition to being shown to the Huvr Social Media users, we also allow our users to share clips of their video tours on their social media accounts. Each clip is tagged with your brand @... and a brought to you by prefix.

The Huvr Web Properties

We also display your brand on the Huvr Website under partners with links to products, videos and more.

Cross Promotion with Press Tour

As we are out promoting the Huvr Africa Program, we will plug title sponsors with the gear we hand out including t-shirts, water bottles and more.

Sponsorship FAQs

What is Commercial Sponsorship?

Who Can I Reach through Huvr?

How Much Will It Cost?

How Do I Become a Sponsor and/or Advertiser?

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